Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer building plan customizations?

Yes! Our design team is happy to collaborate in helping you modify any plan to better suit your project needs. Our floor plan is designed to be flexible to adapt to different site conditions and local code regulations. You can also use CAD files in the Complete Package and to work with a local engineer or architect to modify IBRA's design quickly and easily though we are happy to take on those projects in-house as well.

Need something else? Email us here at or use the chat app on the website.

What customizations do you offer?

We are happy to work with you on minor and moderate design

Let us know any changes you want to make. We will calculate the costs based on your specific needs, and send an invoice for you to review.

Please keep in mind that we only provide modifications for the Complete Package offer. We do not provide modifications for the Basic Package.

How much will it cost for customizations?

Minor Changes

$250 - $500 each

General: Remove, Add or change decks and patios- Change or move doors, windows, and skylights.

Bedroom: Move, add, or expand a closet- Expand room size.

Kitchen: Change or Add appliances and cabinetry.

Major Changes

$500 - $750 each

General: Remove entire section or part of the house. Add or remove a bedroom.

Kitchen: Expand the space- Change a layout. Add Kitchen Island, Pantry etc.

Reversing: Layout flip in an east-west or north-south direction.

Foundation: Changing the foundation to concrete slabs, crawl space, pier, etc.

*Local engineer must review foundation plans to ensure they meet site-specific conditions.

Can I have a different foundation?

Yes, we can change the foundation design to fit your project. Our standard foundation design is a crawl space or concrete pier foundation. However, IBRA can change the foundation to concrete slabs, crawl space, pier and much more.

Please keep in mind that all foundation plans must be reviewed by a local engineer to meet site-specific conditions.

Permits / Building Code

Do your designs come with an Engineering/Architectural Stamp?

As part of the permit approval process, some states require that blueprints be stamped by an architect or engineer in the area. Please confirm the county requirement in your area. Also, please take note that we do not provide any stamps for our drawings.

Although not endorsed by us, our inventory is created by certified designers and is verified by qualified engineers. If your municipality requires a stamp, you will need to ask a local engineer or architect to inspect the blueprint and stamp it.

Will these home plans meet my local building codes?

Our floorplans were created to meet and surpass national building regulations. All our designs comply with IBC (International Building Code).

Some states, counties, and municipalities have their own set of building rules, zoning guidelines, and codes. To ensure that the design adheres to local laws and codes, make sure to get in touch with your local building authority before starting any project. Get any necessary permissions or inspections taken care of as the building develops.

Can I collaborate with a local designer/engineer on the plans?

Yes! Our Complete Package contains editable files that can be modified and customized in CAD programs with the assistance of a local designer, architect, or engineer. We can also export Sketchup or another 3D format if your local engineer or architect requests it.

Please keep in mind CAD files and 3D model are only included in the Complete Package.

The Plans

What do the building plans include?

• Floor Plans
• Exterior Elevations ( 4 pieces )
• Cross Sections ( 2 pieces )
• Roof Plan
• Roof Framing Plan
• Foundation Plan
• Floor Framing Plan
• Electrical Plan
• Detail Drawings
• Window & Door Schedule

What file types do the plans come in?

• Basic Pkg. Plans (.pdf)
• Complete Pkg. Plans (.pdf)
• Materials List (.pdf)
• 3D Model (.skb & Sketchup)
• CAD files (.dwg)


What insulation do the plans come with?

Since R-Value requirements differ depending on your location, we don’t make a specific insulation recommendation. All of our plans feature floor, wall, and ceiling cavities that will enable you to add insulation to match your local R-value requirements.

Can I change the materials in the design?

Yes, you are free to change the materials in the design. However we suggest you to keep the style in the current design and continue with a similar material palette.

Does the plans include a materials list?

Yes, the plans include a materials list on all our packages. Materials include roofing, walls, foundation&flooring, deck titles with explanations of their quantities and dimensions.

Fixtures, Furniture, Equipment

What type of heating and cooling systems do you recommend for your designs?

Our plans can accommodate just about any heating system you prefer. We encourage our customers to consider the mini split system. In most cases, a mini-split enough both heating and cooling. Also our plans that feature a wood or pellet stove, installing these units will provide supplemental heat in the winter time to keep you cozy.

Where can I order kitchen cabinets?

We have used standard dimensions in all our designs to reduce construction costs. We have designed all of our plans to make use of standard cabinetry sizes from major retailers like Ikea. All of our cabins feature combinations of cabinets that are either 15'', 18'', 24”, 30”, or 36” wide.

Where can I order doors and windows?

Our designs are designed to make use of standard dimentions from the major window and door manufacturers like Velux, Andersen and Marvin. For the triangular or trapezoidal windows featured in some of our designs, these also conform to standard tolerances of most manufacturing processes. Doors and Windows Schedule, which includes the size and quantity of all windows and doors, are included in the plans.

Doors and Windows Schedule, which includes the size and quantity of all windows and doors, are included in the plans.


How much does it cost to build your designs?

We encourage our customers to plan for a construction cost of at least $244.50 per square foot (the national average), including labor. So, a 240 square foot cabin will cost roughly $58,680 to build (240*244.50=58,680). This cost assumes the use of labor, and that you’ll be working with a team of carpenters, plumbers, and electricians to build your cabin. While it could be less expensive than this if you put some sweat equity into the project, and do some of the work yourself, $244.50/sqft is a good benchmark to start your planning process with. This cost does not include Land and Land prep (driveway, clearing, well and septic), and FFE (Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment). Keep in mind that if you work with a more premium builder or use more premium materials this number could go up.